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Tree removals are happening all over Minnesota, on any given day. But not all companies are fully prepared to safely remove hazardous trees.

So what should you look for in a tree removal service?

Before hiring a tree removal company in Minnesota, consider these four things that they should have.


A tree removal service needs both liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance.

Without both, you could be liable for any injuries that happen during the project, or any damage that may inadvertently happen to your property.

Any reputable tree removal service should carry both types of insurance coverage, and should have no hesitation in telling you so.

You want to make sure you are protected from legal liability, and that their workers cannot sue you if they suffer any injuries during the tree removal.

Green Grounds Landscaping has the complete insurance coverage necessary to set your mind at ease.

All concerns are addressed, all employees are fully taken care of, and all needs are met.


If you tell the company what work you need on your property, they should be able to tell you what equipment they will need to use.

If you need stump grinding, the company needs to own a stump grinder.

If you have especially high trees on your property, then the company must have a tall enough crane to work at those great heights.

If the company lacks the equipment necessary to work on your yard, then they run a risk of injuring themselves, as well as a risk of damaging your property – including your standing structures like your garage and your house.

Make sure that the company is well equipped to meet the requirements of the job.

Here in Minnesota, Green Grounds Landscaping has the machinery that meets and exceeds Best Practices standards for tree removal and stump grinding.

The top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art landscaping equipment your property calls for is all part of the Green Grounds Landscaping package.


Reputable tree service companies will have satisfied customers willing to vouch for them. Do not hesitate to ask for referrals and testimonials.

These referrals should be available in a wide array of contexts, from people who have homes or properties similar to yours.

If the company is unable to provide referrals, then either they are very new to this line of work – a red flag – or they have left a trail of disgruntled homeowners – an even bigger, shinier red flag.

Just ask, and we here at Green Grounds Landscaping can introduce you to satisfied, thrilled customers who choose to work with us repeatedly, for all of their landscaping and tree maintenance needs.

We are proud to share the word-of-mouth recommendations that come from our happy clients.


A tree service company needs to be licensed.

Part of the licensing process involves the company proving that its employees are properly trained, so if their licensing is valid and current, you can trust that their workers are prepared for the tasks ahead of them.

Proper credentialing is necessary to ensure a standard of care and an agreed-upon level of service for our industry.

Making sure all tree company employees understand the dangers of the job, and that they are fully informed of best practices for these pieces of heavy machinery, helps ensure the safety and survival of all of us doing this work.

At Green Grounds Landscaping, we observe every letter of the licensing process.

We train every employee fully, and take no chances when it comes to our hiring practices.

Our tree professionals have done their homework, and are fully prepared for any and every project that comes our way.