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When it comes to keeping your house beautiful and livable, there are few maintenance tasks that are more important (and easily forgotten) than gutter cleaning.

Even though the gutters are largely taken for granted or out of the typical plane of view, they serve important functions for the house.

When neglected for many years, gutters can become a serious problem that threatens the entire home.

Here are six reasons why gutter cleaning is essential for protecting your home in Minneapolis, MN.

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6 Reasons Why Gutter Cleaning Is Essential for Protecting Your Home

gutter cleaning

Unsightly Stains

Whenever the gutters get clogged with debris, the water that slides off the roof still needs somewhere to go.

Instead of going down the drain pipe as intended, water can start to spill over the side and take some of the rotten debris with it.

The soiled water will splash down the side of the house, creating unsightly stains that, at best, will gradually change the color of the paint, and, at worse, start to peel the paint completely off.

Masonry structures aren’t immune to water stains; and stains are signs of damage. They should not be ignored.

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Damaging the Gutters and Drains

The entire gutter and drain system is at risk when debris starts to build up.

Debris – especially when it’s wet – adds a lot of weight to the structure of the gutter and drains.

Enough weight can start to dismantle the system.

Gutters can pull away from the roof, sag, split at the seams, or even fall off the house completely, damaging the house and landscape features below as well as potentially causing serious injury.

Even if the system doesn’t collapse entirely, it can still cause some serious damage.

As water begins to freeze, it expands in the gutters and clogged drain pipes and will cause exponentially more damage.

Complete failure is eventually likely to occur, which will negate the intention of the entire system.

Damaging the Foundation

As the excess water doesn’t reach its destination away from the home, it can start to pool at the foundation.

This will gradually seep into the foundation of the home, potentially leading to catastrophic damage in the structure of the home, such as a flooded basement or a cracked foundation.

A proper gutter and drain system will move the water as far away from the foundation as possible, so make sure that the drain pipes are clear of all debris.

gutter cleaning

Damaging the Landscaping and Hardscape

The dirty water that splashes out of a clogged gutter and drain system will even affect the plant life of your garden.

This sticky, moldy goo will splatter plants, driveways, patios, and walkways with specks of black, rotting matter.

Attracting Pests and Mold

Throughout the seasons, leaf and other debris will fall on the roof and slide into the gutter system.

As it builds up in the fall, continually getting wet from rain, debris will begin to rot and form thick clumps that will attract pests, insects, and mold – which can quickly become a health hazard.

Increasing Risk of Fire

The heat of the summer will start to dry out the debris, turning it into a tinderbox waiting to ignite.

Many house fires have started because dried leaf debris ignited from an errant spark from a fire pit, or the spark of a downed electrical wire after a storm.

These are all important reasons to get your gutters cleaned so you can have peace of mind.

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