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Well-tended landscapes require proper and careful mulching. Mulch acts as a protective barrier around plants and bare soil.

This barrier can consist of a variety of decomposing organic materials, including wood chips, pine needles, and straw or non-organic materials like river rock, recycled tires, and pebbles.

Mulching, however, does not just increase the visual appeal of your yard.

9 Best Benefits Mulching Can Offer Your Garden.


Minnesota Lawn Care & Landscaping Services | Green Grounds Landscaping

Mulch Controls Weeds

Because mulch acts as a barrier, it blocks sunlight from reaching weeds and weed seeds. Most weed seeds require sunlight to germinate. Eliminating weeds reduces your plants’ competition for water and nutrients.

Adds Protection From Lawnmowers

Mulch adds protection from lawn maintenance equipment while creating an aesthetically pleasing landscape. Mowers and string trimmers cause much damage to landscape plants.

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Retains Moisture

Organic mulches absorb water. Both non-organic and organic mulches cover the soil and limit evaporation. Mulch’s ability to retain moisture during hot, dry seasons can not only save you expenses on your water bill but keep your plants from desiccating.

Moderates Soil Temperature

Mulch creates a blanket over the soil, moderating soil temperature extremes.

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Prevents Soil Erosion

In addition to keeping rainwater in your soil, mulching also prevents rainwater from washing away your soil. Mulch can do this by lessening the impact rain makes when it touches the soil.

During heavy rains, mulch can help keep your garden from being destroyed.


Minnesota Lawn Care & Landscaping Services | Green Grounds Landscaping

Provides Soil Nutrients

Organic mulch can release nutrients into the soil as it slowly decomposes. In addition, as the mulch decomposes, it adds organic material to the soil, making nutrients readily available for your plants.

Controls Pests

Mulching your landscape can help keep pests under control. Mulch can significantly reduce thrips and leaf miners. Additionally, mulch can reduce foliar fungal pathogens by lessening soil splashing preventing fungal spores from reaching the leaves.

Consult the landscaping experts at Green Grounds Landscaping in Minnesota to determine which mulch may be best for your yard and any pests with which you have issues.

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Encourages Earthworm Populations

Mulching with organic material encourages earthworms to move in and occupy your soil. Earthworms are beneficial to any garden as they help improve soil structure and nutrient cycling within the garden bed.

Gives Your Garden a Polished Look

Mulching your landscape can quickly improve the look of your garden by filling in empty spaces, while also being easy to maintain. Grass, groundcovers, and other fillers may require extensive care, such as mowing or watering, while they compete for resources with your plants.

Mulching your landscape this spring is an essential first step in establishing and protecting a beautiful home garden.


Minnesota Lawn Care & Landscaping Services | Green Grounds Landscaping

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