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Landscaping is a vital part of your commercial property for many reasons. It protects your investment in the property and ensures a beautiful, safe, appealing environment for clients and employees alike. So it’s essential to carefully select a commercial landscaping company who can give you beautiful designs, reliable maintenance, and superb customer service.

And it also helps to look for professionals who understand Minnesota’s clay soil and weather intimately, so your property always looks its best. How do you find the right commercial landscaping company in Minnesota?

Here are 6 key traits to ask about when you research for a Minnesota landscaping company.

commercial landscaping company

Minnesota Lawn Care & Landscaping Services | Green Grounds Landscaping

1. Thorough Services

Different types of commercial properties are likely to have unique needs for their outdoor areas. A warehouse may simply need bushes trimmed and grass cut, while an apartment complex may need flowerbeds replanted and multiple shared spaces maintained and kept free of ice, snow and other debris.

So, take time to think about your needs, and be sure the commercial landscaping company in Minnesota can perform them. Some common services to ask about include:

  • Landscaping design — Can they create and install an appealing new look for your outdoor spaces?
  • Landscaping maintenance — Do they offer a full range of landscaping care, including planting, weeding, mowing, edging, pruning, and trimming in Minnesota?
  • Hardscaping and outdoor lighting — Do they install features beyond greenery to give your outdoor area an attractive, well-designed feel?
  • Irrigation, sprinklers and drainage — How do they handle keeping your landscaping well irrigated? Can they address issues to prevent erosion?
  • Snow and ice management — Do they provide services to clear outdoor spaces in inclement weather?
  • Seasonal options — Do they plant seasonal flowers, etc., to keep your outdoor spaces looking fresh and inviting?

2. Reliable Teams

You deserve to work with a Minnesota commercial landscaping company that appreciates you as a client and can provide a high level of service. And let’s face it—landscaping needs consistent, timely care to look its best year-round. So, ask about the company’s landscaping maintenance plans.

  • Timeliness — How often will their crews show up?
  • Ample crew size — How many team members will they send?
  • Careful work — Is the team careful to protect other property aspects, such as parked cars and sidewalks?
  • Flexibility — If an unexpected need arises, such as damaged shrubbery due to heavy rains or a blocked French drain, how quickly can the company respond?

3. Professional Qualifications

Maintaining your commercial property’s value is important when considering who you invite onto it to do lawn and greenery care. Ensuring the commercial landscaping company you hire has all the right qualifications can help you get great results, while also protecting your investment.

Be sure to ask questions and get documentation.

  • Insurance — Does the landscaper carry up-to-date insurance, including workman’s compensation?
  • Licenses — Do they have proper licensing and certification to work where your property is located, such as in Minnetonka, Eden Prairie, Edina, Delano, St. Louis park, Minneapolis, St. Paul State of Minnesota?
  • Awards — Do they have any awards or industry affiliations that indicate they maintain a high level of workmanship, Angie’s List, etc.?
commercial landscaping company

Minnesota Lawn Care & Landscaping Services | Green Grounds Landscaping

4. Eco-Friendly Tools and Techniques

Hiring a landscaper that employs smart, sustainable practices is not just good for the environment in general—it also can save your business money by using less water and keeping plants in good condition over longer periods of time.

To find out how a commercial landscaping company addresses these concerns, ask them:

  • Sourcing — Where do you purchase plants, mulch and other materials? Are you able to source them locally?
  • Use of local greenery — How experienced and willing are you to use native, drought-resistant plants that survive well in Minnesota’s clay soil, windy weather, and temperature ups and downs?
  • Products — What products do you use to treat grass, flowers and trees? Are they organic?
  • Recycling — How do you dispose of debris, dead plants, etc.?
  • No waste — How do you ensure water for irrigation doesn’t get wasted?
  • Knowledgeable options — What other sustainable solutions can you suggest to benefit my outdoor spaces?

5. Responsive Communication

A landscaper in Minnesota can make a good partner in giving you a beautiful, functional, long-lasting commercial property. So it’s a good idea to choose someone who is easy to communicate with.

  • One point of contact — Does the commercial landscaping company assign a project manager who serves as the go-to person for all your needs?
  • Ease of connection — Is it simple to reach out to the landscaping company through phone, email, texts?
  • Rapport — Are you able to have effective, open conversations with the company?
  • Fast replies — Are they quick to respond to your questions?
  • Honesty — Do they answer your questions thoroughly and honestly?

6. Stellar References

The longer a successful commercial landscaping company has been in business, the more you’ll see their success reflected in 5-star reviews and positive client comments. To find out who Minnesota area business owners enjoy working with, consider these steps:

  • Ask around — Ask property owners of properties you admire who they employ for their landscaping maintenance.
  • Research unbiased sources — View sites like Angie’s List to see who gets positive mentions.
  • Find recent comments — Look at reviews on a company’s site, and notice how recent they are.
  • Check references — Ask landscapers for references, and then vet them.
commercial landscaping company

Minnesota Lawn Care & Landscaping Services | Green Grounds Landscaping

Get Beautiful Commercial Landscaping Maintenance You Can Rely On

A professional, caring commercial landscaping company in Minnesota will keep your property looking its best.

Check out our photo gallery to discover why Minnesota area businesses and homeowners turn to our team to help with all their landscaping needs.

And let us know if you have any questions about our services. We’re here to make your property beautiful.