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Minnesota landscaping and lawn care companies are both professional services that can help keep your yard looking beautiful.

But what exactly do they do? And how do you know which one to hire?

We’ll explore the unique differences between Minnesota landscaping and lawn care so you can make a more informed decision when hiring these professionals.

minnesota landscaping

Lawn Care

Lawn care is the maintenance of your yard’s turf. It includes mowing, edging and trimming, aerating and fertilizing.

Lawn care is a seasonal service that should be done every few weeks during each growing season (spring through fall).

If you’re interested in getting started with lawn care services but aren’t sure where to start or what services are available for your specific needs–or if perhaps you already have an existing relationship with a Minnesota landscaping company but would like some advice on how best to maintain it-then this guide has everything you need!

Minnesota Landscaping

Minnesota Landscaping is a bit more versatile than lawn care professionals.

A landscaper can do everything from mowing your lawn to installing gardens and irrigation systems, patios and walkways, retaining walls–even building decks!

Most people don’t know this but landscaping is actually an art form that requires many years of training before becoming proficient at it.

Landscape artists must learn how different plants work together in harmony (known as “synergy”) so they can create beautiful outdoor spaces that are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

minnesota landscaping

A good landscape artist will also understand how weather conditions affect their designs; for example if it rains often where you live then having wood decking may not be feasible because it will warp over time due to moisture exposure from rainwater runoff after storms hit hard enough for long periods of time (elevated levels).

Landscapers do more than just mow your lawn.

Landscapers do more than just mow your lawn.

While lawn care companies may offer basic services, such as mowing and trimming, landscapers are trained in designing and installing gardens that are both beautiful and functional. Landscaping services include:

  • Garden design – A landscape designer will work with you to create the perfect outdoor space for your home. They can help with everything from selecting plants and flowers to creating a functional irrigation system that will keep them looking their best all year round!
  • Irrigation – Lawns need regular watering in order to thrive but not everyone has time or expertise when it comes down choosing the right type of irrigation system for their needs. Landscape designers know exactly what kind of equipment works best depending on how much sun exposure there is during different seasons (and even times throughout each day), which makes them invaluable when it comes time install new systems at home!


The difference between landscaping and lawn care is that landscapers do more than just mow your lawn.

They provide a wide range of services like mulching, fertilizing and seeding that can help improve the look of your yard and make it more attractive.

Green Grounds Landscaping is a top-rated Minnesota Landscaping Service and we provide lawn care as well. Contact us for a free quote!