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When you hire a reliable lawn service company for your Minnetonka, MN Area, they don’t only handle grass mowing and replacing the mulch.

As their team arrives each week to handle the lawn care, they will also inspect your plants and flowers for good health, too.

Here are the benefits of the expertise you get when you hire a reputable lawn service company.

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5 Benefits Of The Expertise You Get Hiring A Reputable Lawn Service Company

lawn service company

They Handle Lawn Mowing

A reputable lawn service company in MInnesota handles the mowing to ensure your grass is thick and lush.

When their crew arrives for weekly mowing, they are careful to start at different spots each time since beginning at the same spot can cause the lawn to be uneven.

Another benefit of hiring a lawn service company is that their blades are sharpened regularly so they cut your grass instead of tearing the ends.

Torn edges can allow diseases and pests to cause the grass to fail. A clean cut at the grass ends protects the plants from harm.

They Handle Edging and Blowing for Clean Surfaces

When you arrive home from work, you want to see clean hardscape surfaces like the driveway and walkways after mowing. Crisp edges add a distinct look to your lawn and landscape.

With regular edging and blowing the small clippings away, the lawn will look pristine and fresh. You never have to worry about grass over-growing the sidewalks or other hardscape surfaces.

They Assess for Plant Problems

As a lawn service company team mows for you, they also inspect the grass and landscape plants and shrubs for problems that can ruin the lovely appearance of your outdoor spaces.

This can be an unexpected preventive measure that makes your lawn and landscape remain healthy.

When they do find evidence of pests and diseases in any part of the landscape, they will discuss the issues with you to recommend a solution to remedy the problem.

Their treatments are effective and work quickly to stop diseases and pests from spreading to other parts of the lawn.

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They Handle Pruning

lawn service company

Pruning shrubs and trees is a hard and often dangerous job. Unless you have the equipment and resources for pruning, it is a job better left to the professionals.

They have safe methods to prune those tall, old-growth trees so they look amazing in the springtime with a balanced appearance on all sides.

The flowering shrubs also require special care since you don’t want to prune at the wrong time and prevent their gorgeous spring and summer beauty.

Their lawn service crew understands when and how to prune the trees and shrubs to ensure vigorous growth on hardy plants.

They Will Till Your Garden

If you are a gardener who loves growing flowers and vegetables, your lawn service company will till your gardens, too!

Tilling is a messy job that can manhandle the strongest of people, so having a service to handle that task is ideal.

With wide, deep furrows, you can easily plan and plant your gardens for a thriving crop throughout spring and summer. If you want a new tilling for fall vegetables, they do that, too.

When you enlist a superior lawn care service company, they want to see your entire landscape flourish and will alert you to problems that can worsen and ruin your property.