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Green Grounds Landscaping Fall Lawn Care & Watering Guide.

Proper watering of your lawn is essential for keeping your turf thriving and healthy during the summer months when sunlight hours are long, and temperatures are high.

However, as fall arrives and cooler temperatures move in, it’s important to update your watering schedule to adjust for shorter days and more comfortable temperatures.

There are a few ways the seasonal changes will affect how you care for your lawn. To be prepared, read on to learn more about the best fall lawn care and watering practices.

Fall Lawn Care and Watering Guide

What Determines Your Watering Schedule?

Property owners tend to fall into the trap of over watering their lawn more than under watering.

This happens because of the combination of irrigation systems and seasonal rainfall.

The typical rule of thumb is that if your lawn receives 1 inch or more of rainwater each week, don’t water additionally.

If there is rainfall, offset your irrigation for that day to offset the impact of the rain.

Plant roots need air as much as they need moisture. More turf is hurt by over watering than under watering. If you have overseeded your lawn, make sure to keep the surface area moist until the seed germinates and creates a robust root system.

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Mowing Changes in the Fall

As your lawn gradually prepares for winter, the top growth of your grass will slow down. Continuing your mowing schedule is still important.

Be sure to keep your lawn mower’s blade sharp and gradually lower the height 1/2 – 1 inch shorter than the usual height to discourage matted grass and snow mold.

Take advantage of free nutrients for your lawn by using a mulching mower to chop tree leaves up and let them decompose on your lawn.

Fall Weed Control

Fall is a great time to eradicate weeds. Turf stands naturally fill-in open spots where weeds have been eliminated during fall’s moderate weather.

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Aeration and Fertilization for Fall Lawn Care

Help your lawn recover from months of summer wear and tear and strengthen your turf for winter by applying fertilizer and aerating.

These actions will help your lawn’s root system grow deep to support next year’s growth.

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