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Making your dream landscape fit within your budget might feel like an uphill battle.

From lot size to physical barriers such as buried utilities and septic fields, there are many factors that affect the cost of a landscape project.

There are two possible approaches to controlling landscaping costs.

  1. Create a master plan to be implemented in phases to spread the cost of the project over several years.
  2. Take the selective plan approach. Identify and select your must-haves. Build your design around those features.

How To Fit Landscaping Costs To Create Your Dream Landscape

Selective Plan Approach

Before you decide which features you want, discuss your project with a landscape expert in Minnesota.

Think about why you want these features and how they can increase the value of your property.

If your buildable area is limited due to a smaller lot size or code restriction, take a selective approach.

Identify and prioritize the core components of your project. Invest in those features that you deem necessary.

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The Phased Master Plan Approach

If budget is your only consideration, avoid doing everything at once. Take a phased approach to landscaping which involves prioritizing tasks.

Work with your landscape expert to create a timeline and decide the order in which components should be installed.

Install large components such as pools first.

Make sure your master plan specifies where the pool will be located so you won’t have to undo previously installed work if you decide to install the pool later.

In the first phase, your landscaping company will plan the drainage system, grading, and hardscaping.

In the second phase, your provider will dig the planting beds, plant shrubs, and trees.

In the third and final phase, your landscaping company will install ground covers, plant flower beds and perennials, and attend to the details.

An Evaluation Of Landscaping Cost Estimates

Invite estimates from at least three contractors. When evaluating a landscaping cost estimate, seek answers to these questions:

  • What quality and size of materials is the estimate based on?
  • Are there affordable alternatives to the materials suggested by the landscaping contractor? Can they be used without compromising on quality?
  • What is the detail level of construction specs?
  • Is the preparation of a custom drainage plan included in the project?

Create Your Dream Landscape In Minnesota

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