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Save Money With Edina Commercial Landscaping Services

When it comes to commercial property management, the top priority is to ensure an appealing property exterior to establish a safe, inviting experience for visitors.

This is one reason so many property managers have started partnering with full-service Edina commercial landscaping companies like Green Grounds Landscaping.

At Green Grounds Landscaping, we do a lot more than just mowing!

Green Grounds Landscaping and most other full-service Edina commercial landscaping companies save property managers an abundance of time and money by providing a myriad of outdoor services.

The Benefits Of Edina Commercial Landscaping Services

edina commercial landscaping

Full-Service Companies Offer Multiple Services

Most full-service Edina commercial landscaping companies offer much more than lawn care.

At Green Grounds Landscaping, we offer landscape design and maintenance, professional irrigation, drainage, snow & ice removal, pressure washing, parking lot cleanup, and other landscape services to enhance your commercial investment.

Why hire multiple contractors when your full-service Edina commercial landscaping company can handle it?

Hiring one full-service commercial landscaping company in Edina, MN also prevents the “not my job” excuse when there are multiple vendors working on-site.

Before hiring another contractor to assist with a small repair job, check with your landscape company.

Business owners and property managers can reduce time, money, and stress by limiting the number of contracted vendors and hiring the right full-service commercial landscaping company.

Budget-Friendly, Efficient Landscaping

Landscaping companies are full of experts in various landscaping specialties.

Whether it’s building a complex retention pond for troublesome drainage issues or adding the right flowers and colors for spring appeal, these landscaping experts can design beautiful, budget-friendly exteriors for any business.

These outdoor experts will help property managers choose the right layout, the right plants, the right colors, i.e., the overall design, all while considering the efficiency, cost, amount of upkeep, seasonal weather, location, etc.

Full-service Edina commercial landscaping companies, like Green Grounds Landscaping, are experts at saving businesses hundreds of dollars every year.

Commercial Irrigation Reduces Water Costs

When it comes to water expenses, businesses in every industry can benefit from having a professional irrigation system installed.

Most professional irrigation systems have timers and water pressure settings to help reduce the amount of water used.

Some of the best irrigation systems even have advanced watering cycles that can be set up according to the daily weather, which eliminates double watering on rainy days.

Most of the reputable, full-service Edina commercial landscaping companies, like Green Grounds Landscaping, install and maintain professional irrigation systems for maximum efficiency and reduced water expenses.

edina commercial landscaping

Social Spaces Increase Visitors & Tenants

Whether it’s a retail shopping center or an apartment complex, the exterior landscape plays a major role in attracting visitors.

Many businesses, especially restaurants, apartments, and HOA’s have started investing hundreds of dollars into creating outdoor havens for their visitors, customers, tenants, and employees.

These outdoor social spaces help reduce stress, reduce illness (physical & mental), and aid in higher quality social interactions.

The same businesses that are investing in outdoor workspace areas are also finding significant improvements in employee productivity and retention rates.

In conclusion, a Edina commercial landscaping company can help a business increase its ROI by creating attractive, enjoyable outdoor social spaces.

Preventative Safety Reduces Liability

When it comes to being a business owner and/or a commercial property manager, preventative safety is always a must.

No business wants to open itself up to being sued for unsafe property conditions.

That’s why it’s important to choose the right Edina commercial landscaping company to contract with all year round.

The right landscaping company will regularly maintain the property, which means they usually find and prevent most safety issues well before they occur.

These same companies also offer all-year-round services, including snow and ice removal.

Without these services, a business risks someone slipping and falling opening itself up to being sued.

When it comes to maintaining safe property conditions, your commercial landscaping company is your best friend. The point is commercial landscaping companies save businesses a pretty penny when it comes to safety and liability.

Overall, Business Owners and Property Managers can save lots of time, money, and stress by hiring the right full-service Edina commercial landscaping company.