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You’ve decided to hire a Minnesota commercial landscape maintenance company. Perhaps you hired a residential landscaping company, but it’s become obvious they don’t have the knowledge, manpower, or equipment to do the work your business property needs.

Get the facts before you hire.

Here’s a helpful checklist for hiring a Minnesota commercial landscaping company.

Know the Services You Need and Make Sure the Minnesota Commercial Landscape Maintenance Company Offers Them

Think ahead. For example, you may not want to install or replace landscape lighting now. But if you want to do it in three years, it’s good to know that your commercial maintenance company has expertise in that area.

Keep your bases covered for future needs. Make sure the Minnesota commercial landscaping company provides these important services:

  • Complete landscape design — to enhance your business’ curb appeal
  • Property and lawn maintenance
  • Spring and fall cleanup
  • Weekly lawn and grounds maintenance
  • Mulching Service
  • Fertilization and lawn applications for weed control
  • Shrub treatment and pruning
  • Weeding and edging
  • Core aeration, thatching, and overseeding
  • Lawn renovation, including sod installation, seeding, and hydroseeding
  • Seasonal Plantings – annuals and perennials
  • Hardscaping installation and maintenance of patios, retaining walls, curbs, walkways, etc.
  • Land clearing and excavation—for new commercial projects or remodeling
  • Drainage and grading—solutions for rainwater runoff, surface drainage and subsurface drainage
  • Landscape lighting—to keep your business safer, more secure, and attractively lit at night
  • Mosquito and Pest Control
  • Power washing—to clean your business entranceways and walkways
  • Parking lot services—to clear, clean, patch, and install parking lot bumpers
  • Snow removal/snow and ice management—snow plowing, snow removal, and de-icing for a safer business space
minnesota commercial landscape

Minnesota Lawn Care & Landscaping Services | Green Grounds Landscaping

Experience is Essential

Enthusiasm and the desire to do a great job are important. But the maintenance company may not be able to make good on its promises if they aren’t backed by years of professional experience.

Look for a Minnesota commercial landscape company that has been actively working in your area for many years.

They will have more experience with the following:

  • Which fertilizers to use and rates to apply to your lawn and trees
  • Local ordinances that affect drainage, fences, etc.
  • How local conditions affect tree, shrub, and lawn planning
  • Pest control and deer-resistant plants

Check for Exceptional Landscaping Crews

Inquire about the landscape crews. These are the people you will frequently see on your property, providing all the services you request.

It’s important that crews have experience, enthusiasm, and an unshakeable work ethic. They must be dedicated to your property’s care. They also need to know to be mindful of customers and clients visiting your business.

Make sure all workers wear company uniforms, so you quickly know who they are when you see them at your business.

State-of-the-Art Equipment Is a Must

It isn’t enough for a company to have exciting plans for your commercial property care. They need the personnel and equipment to make it happen!

Make sure the landscaping company uses state-of-the-art equipment for projects—especially those projects involving land clearing and evacuation, drainage work, or hardscaping.

Make Sure Management is Responsive and Realistic with Timelines and Budget

Great landscaping and commercial maintenance plans depend on dedicated crews, and impressive resources—but it all starts with responsive management.

Make sure the Minnesota commercial landscape company has experienced management who fully addresses all your questions and concerns. This, combined with experienced crews and state-of-the-art equipment, can give you confidence in proposed budgets and timelines.

Check for Certifications, Licenses, and Insurance

Proper licensing ensures the company uses approved methods in its work and keeps projects within municipal regulation guidelines. This is important when there is new hardscaping, changes to property lighting, or changes affecting property drainage.

Proper insurance is essential. The Minnesota commercial landscape maintenance company should have both workers’ compensation and liability insurance.

minnesota commercial landscape

Minnesota Lawn Care & Landscaping Services | Green Grounds Landscaping

Always Ask for References

The company should provide you with pictures of other property maintenance work. You may even want to visit their website.

References should confirm:

  • Client’s overall satisfaction with work
  • Timeliness of project completion
  • The company’s ability to stick to budget
  • Excellent quality of trees, shrubs and plantings provided
  • Excellent communication by managers

If you are looking for an experienced, dependable, and dedicated Minnesota commercial landscaping management company, contact us at Green Grounds Landscaping.

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