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Spring Lawn Care In Minnesota: From pre-emergent weed control to fertilization to help your turf wake up for the spring, at Green Grounds Landscaping in Minnesota we’ve got the inside track to a healthy lawn for you.

We are fortunate at Green Grounds Landscaping in Minnesota to have a best-in-class team that is very knowledgeable about proper landscaping techniques, lawn care, agronomy, plant health and more.

Today on the blog post, we are featuring valuable early spring lawn care in Minnesota tips.

Early Spring Lawn Care in Minnesota Tips

Pre-emergent weed control is the most important service you can provide your lawn this time of the year. It ensures that summer annual weeds and crabgrass are controlled before germination. Pre-emergent weed control, followed by targeted spot treatment, will allow customers enjoy clean, lush lawns throughout the season.

What makes pre-emergent weed controls so effective is an active ingredient that creates a barrier and inhibits target weeds from germinating. This time of year landscapers and lawn care professionals should be targeting Crabgrass, both Large and Smooth varieties.

Crabgrass is a common lawn nuisance that can be very difficult to treat after germination because it develops thousands of seedheads that when pulled, can spread the weed throughout the lawn.

spring lawn care in minnesota

Lawn care Service In Minnesota | Green Grounds Landscaping

Applying Pre-Emergent Weed Control In Split Application

Green Grounds Landscaping weed control customers who have warm season grasses like Bermuda or Zoysia have just received their pre-emergent weed control application.

Green Grounds Landscaping in Minnesota will now begin this service for cool season customers. For cool season grass, like Fescue, Green Grounds Landscaping will be applying two rounds of pre-emergent weed control this spring.

We do this for two reasons – first because Fescue will soon begin “waking up” as soil temperatures rise. Additionally, the granular application that Green Grounds Landscaping uses also contains food that the Fescue plant needs to help “wake up.”

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By providing lawns with these two applications, we will give the grass plenty of food to grow out of its dull winter look. This effort also helps extend the crabgrass control.

spring lawn care in minnesota

Warm season grass customers who are signed up for Green Grounds Landscaping weed control service will receive their second application later this year during the fall. The target weed for this weed control application will be Poa annua (annual bluegrass).

If you have not planned fertilization and weed control service for your lawn, it is not too late. Give Green Grounds Landscaping in Minnesota a call or request a quote today!

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