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Advanced Lawn Management In Minnesota

If lawn maintenance were only about mowing and watering, most homeowners wouldn’t encounter any issues with their property. However, there are more advanced steps that must be taken to ensure a year-round lush, green, and healthy lawn. These advanced lawn management tasks include fertilization, seeding, aeration, weed and pest control.

At Green Grounds Landscaping, our experienced team understands the importance of advanced lawn management and can help you apply the best care to your landscape.

Read on to learn more about these lawn management tasks and what each does to guarantee health for your turf.


Fertilization is necessary for supplying the nutrients needed for healthy turf to your lawn’s soil. Factors like grass type, soil quality, and growing conditions will influence the exact nutrients your lawn receives.

At Green Grounds Landscaping in Minnesota, our weed and feed application can provide your yard with the nutrients it needs while preventing weed germination. Proper timing of fertilization must be taken into account as well.

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advanced lawn management

Minnesota Lawn Care & Landscaping Services | Green Grounds Landscaping


Seeding promotes new growth on your lawn and is often used to recover thin or dead patches on your landscape. The best time to seed is the fall.

Spring seeding is recommended only during special circumstances. Fall seeding is recommended because the cooler days and nights encourage greater turf growth and a thick, full lawn.

Depending on your lawn, different methods work best. For established lawns, overseeding is best.

This method involves spreading seeds on an established lawn to fill bare areas and make it look thicker. All established properties should be overseeded annually to combat the damage done by extreme summer temperatures.

Slit seeding should be considered for complete lawn overhauls.

Core Aeration

Aeration involves puncturing the surface of your lawn to alleviate compacted soil. These holes open up passageways for oxygen, nutrients, and moisture so your grassroots can more easily access these essentials.

Aeration also makes seeding and fertilization more effective.

Aeration can also increase your lawn’s drought tolerance and reduce thatch. Like seeding, aeration is most effective during the growing season. These two tasks are often done together to increase the seed-to-soil contact.

Weed Control

Weed control is a crucial advanced lawn management practice because weeds compete with your grasses for resources like water, nutrients, and light.

Removing weeds means that your grass is free to thrive.

You can apply pre-emergent or post-emergent herbicides to combat weeds. Some, like dandelions, respond more to post-emergent weed control, while crabgrass is fought with pre-emergent herbicides.

Pest and Insect Control

Pests and insects can damage your lawn and make being outside on your property unbearable.

Green Grounds Landscaping has knowledgeable team members who can assess your lawn for pest or insect problems, trained to notice the tell-tale signs of pests like lawn grubs or moles.

If your property is experiencing pest problems, it’s best to trust the experts when controlling the situation. We can offer the best solutions that are also safest for your lawn and family members.

When you practice these essential advanced lawn management techniques, you can rest assured that your lawn is as healthy and robust as possible.

The healthier your lawn is, the more naturally resistant it is to damage from drought, pests, weeds, and other issues and eyesores

advanced lawn management

Minnesota Lawn Care & Landscaping Services | Green Grounds Landscaping

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