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A lawn care service team is the essential partner you need to ensure your Eden Prairie and Edina, MN Areas grass is well-maintained, in exceptional health, and full of beauty throughout the seasons.

If your lawn doesn’t resemble a luxurious carpet of green, it is likely time to seek out the professional services of a Minnesota lawn care company.

When you see the marked difference, your landscape will be the envy of the neighborhood.

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Robust and Thriving Lawn

Life gets busy and making time to perform lawn care tasks can often fall by the wayside as you struggle to accomplish getting the kids to school, buying groceries, working, and more.

Without proper care, preventives, and mowing, grass can turn yellow and sections can wither away.

The focus of the lawn care team service in Eden Prairie and Edina MN Areas is the health and beauty of your grass so they create an immediate plan to improve the look and feel of the grass.

Since each lawn and landscape is unique, a care plan is tailored to the needs of the grass plants, soil conditions, and irrigation requirements.

Mowing, edging, and trimming throughout the growing season protects the roots of the grass in often hot and dry conditions where stress can cause visible damage.

Maintaining a three-inch or more mowing height lets the soil hold moisture and reduces the amount cut from the plants so the thatch doesn’t build up.

Weed Control

All lawns have occasional weeds but weed overgrowth is a signal that your lawn’s health is not above par.

Weed preventives in the spring stop those pesky problems from germinating, giving your grass a chance to grow quickly in the summer.

As the lawn fills in with lush, health grass, the weeds have less chance to grow and they die away.

Fall is the time to apply solutions to kill the weeds that snuck through the spring preventive and summer growth.

If they remain, they will go dormant in the winter and grow again in the spring just like the grass.

Pest Control

Pests are like weeds—they arrive before you know they are there and cause damage which is how you know there is a problem.

Preventing pests is the best route so lawn care teams are educated on the most common pests in the Eden Prairie and Edina MN areas, including white grubs, beetles, and other insects that make a home in the lawn.

Lawn Disease Control

Brown patch, dollar spot, yellow and patchy areas, leaf blight, and other diseases that take your pristine lawn to a patchy mess need consistent treatments.

Humidity, too much rain, and abrupt weather changes create ideal conditions for diseases to thrive in the lawn, removing its vitality and good health.

Plant Health and Beauty

At every visit, the lawn care team service assesses the health of the plantings and shrubs, preventing problems from occurring there.

Since they are part of a wholesale nursery, the team has extensive plant care knowledge and can recommend ways to create a more robust landscape with curated plantings.

Pruning for the shrubs and trees ensures a pleasing shape and healthy branches when the leaves unfurl and begin to grow.

If any plantings die or stop growing as they should, they can plant new varieties that flourish in the climate and terrain.

Lawn Care Service Team in Eden Prairie and Edina MN Areas

Green Grounds Landscaping was established in 1999. We are a family owned and operated Minnesota landscaping company that can cater to both residential and commercial clients.

Regardless of how big or small your property is, we can set you up with the landscaping you need to keep it looking its absolute best.

We offer a wide range of landscaping design services to our customers and can also provide Concrete Work design and yard maintenance services as well.