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It is easy to trust that all Minnesota lawn mowing companies know what they are doing. Although it is likely that they have your lawn’s health at the forefront of everything they do, you can never be too careful.

It is important to make sure that they are not making any mistakes that will cause you unexpected damage-control costs down the road.

Lawn mowing seems like a mundane, simple task, yet, it is quite the opposite! Cutting grass requires specific techniques to promote the lushest, strongest turf.

For example, the rights Minnesota lawn mowing companies knows that you can’t cut extremely overgrown grass all at once or else you will cut off access to essential nutrients.

Below are three common Minnesota lawn mowing companies mistakes that you should make sure are not happening on your lawn.

1. Failing to Alternating Mowing Patterns

Switching up your mowing patterns every other week is important for the health of your lawn. Frequently going over the same tracks will force the grass to lean one way instead of growing straight up. This could lead to soil compaction or rutting, making it difficult for water and air to circulate in the earth and reach the grass roots.

Using the same mowing pattern each week can also cause the lawn to look haggard over time. Grass blades look their best when they stand straight toward the sky instead of leaning in one direction.

Minnesota lawn mowing companies should be alternating their mowing patterns no less than once every other week. Common mowing patterns include:

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Diagonal

2. Mowing With Dull Blades

Professional Minnesota lawn mowing companies should be sharpening their blades frequently. After about eight uses, blades will lose their sharp edges.

Continuing to cut grass with dull blades will not only make your lawn look messy, but it will also lessen your turf’s ability to fight off diseases and pests.

Signs that your lawn mowing company is using dull blades on your grass include:

  • Grass with torn edges – Dull blades don’t make a clean cut like sharp blades do. Instead, they rip your grass blades.
  • Yellow or brown lawn discoloration – Grass tears and nicks will turn yellow and brown after a few days, making your lawn look ragged and dry.
  • Grass forcibly pulled from the soil – If you find areas of grass that look like they have been yanked from the ground, it is likely the result of dull blades

3. Cutting more than one-third of your grass blades at once

The one-third mowing rule is the practice of removing only a third of a grass blade’s height during one mowing session.

It is common to assume that the best mowing practice is to cut the grass low to increase the length of time between mowing sessions. However, low cuts can stress the plants and increasing their vulnerability to pests, disease, and discoloration.

Cutting small amounts from grass blades promotes healthy growth. The practice of growing tall and mowing often encourages the plants’ roots to grow deeper for moisture and nutrients.

The taller leaves also shade the soil and cover vulnerable roots.

The ideal height for Kentucky bluegrass, one of the most common grasses in Minnesota, is two inches. Before the leaves reach three inches, your lawn care professionals should cut a third of the height from the top.

The grass will remain within its ideal height, and the small clippings will easily disperse through the yard and act as a natural fertilizer.

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