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How Snow and Ice Removal Benefits Your Home or Business

Winter storms may bring beautiful snowfalls while you’re warm and toasty at home.

But when it comes to having to drive, park and walk in it, it’s a definite hassle.

And in Minnesota, the snow and ice we accumulate can come unexpectedly, leading to dangers of slipping, spinning out, and getting hurt on both home and commercial properties.

No one needs that.

That’s why hiring a professional snow and ice removal company to take care of clearing your driveways, parking lots, and walkways makes a lot of sense.

At Green Grounds Landscaping, we help Minnesota area homeowners, businesses, churches, restaurants, residential complexes, and other large commercial properties clear away winter precipitation safely and easily.

There are a lot of advantages to handing off this task to pros you can trust to do it right. Here’s why.

How Snow and Ice Removal Benefits Your Home or Business

snow and ice removal

1. Saves Time

Taking the time to shovel snow or remove dangerous ice ultimately takes time away from more important matters.

Businesses must focus on what is truly vital, like serving their customers and handling other crucial aspects of what makes the company succeed.

Shoveling snow and ice won’t improve the bottom line.

In the same way, a family runs smoother when the important things are attended to.

In the end, snow removal is often best handed off to a professional landscaping service.

2. Is Handled Early

Snow and ice removal takes a lot of work. You can do it yourself, but that means getting to work earlier than normal, long before employees and customers get there.

Instead of sliding all over the roads before the snowplows have even cleared them, let a professional crew do the work for you.

They can have things cleared before you get there, giving yourself a break, so you can focus on the real tasks at hand.

3. Ensures Accessibility

When a customer drives by your business and sees the parking lot and walkway full of snow, they won’t even get out of their car.

If you’re only as good as your last customer, then forcing customers to go somewhere else is bad business.

A company that plans ahead and leaves snow and ice removal to the professionals will be a place customers can visit with ease during cold, winter days.

4. Uses Proper Tools

It’s one thing to shovel out a small sidewalk or driveway in front of your house. It’s another to take on an entire parking lot and walkway leading to your business with the same small equipment.

Experienced snow removal teams know how to use the proper machines and salt products on commercial properties to get rid of ice and snow quickly.

They do what they do, so you can concentrate on running your business and helping customers.

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snow and ice removal

5. Has Experience

An expert snow removal team will have the experience to know when to use de-icing agents and when to use machines.

This allows them to do it right the first time and make it last, without damaging walkways and parking lots.

Without this vital experience, you can remove snow and ice from the property, only to see it covered again an hour later, or slicker than ever, or damaged.

That frustration only takes away from a smoothly running business.

6. Limits Liability

Slips and falls on snow and ice can lead to health hazards and lawsuits when they happen on your property.

Under the law, property owners may end up being responsible for a person’s medical bills and lost wages.

If it happens to be an employee, a business would also be out a valuable worker. Better safe than sorry applies here.

7. Avoids Injury

Preventing customer and employee injuries, as well as your own, is always of top concern.

Sending an employee out to do the snow and ice removal puts that person at risk of muscle strains, fatigue, and even broken bones or head injuries.

Under strenuous work, heart attacks and other serious health concerns can arise.

Leaving the snow and ice removal to the pros who have the equipment, expertise, and a bigger team of workers can save you long-term headaches, literally.

8. Reduces Costs

Cutting costs when possible is so important for a business, but it’s just as wise to estimate the value of needed expenditures.

Maintaining enough shovels, snow blowers, melt chemicals or even an actual snowplow may not be worth the cost of paying the professionals to do it for you.

The lost man-hours alone when you or your staff are clearing snow and ice may make hiring a snow and ice removal company worth the money.

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9. Gives You a Plan

A good business has a plan for every scenario, especially on snow days. A lack of planning can doom any business.

When a company has a plan, it creates a focus for the company, which allows employees to work together for a common goal.

Have a plan to hire an on-call professional crew to take care of snow and ice removal on snow days, so your employees can focus on what you pay them for.

snow and ice removal

Plan Ahead for Your Snow and Ice Removal Needs

Whether or not there happens to be snow or ice on the ground right now, it’s still smart to plan in advance for how you will clear winter precipitation away from your property.

Large properties benefit from having a dedicated company to handle the work, so you don’t have to worry about it getting done.

Our Green Grounds Landscaping team makes winter cleanup simple.

Our reliable snow removal, and ice removal services are designed to keep your home or commercial properties safe and easy to navigate, no matter what winter brings.

We’ll make a plan that works perfectly for you. Simply contact us to get a free consultation and quote.