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What to Expect from your Edina MN Landscaping Company in the Spring?

Whether you’re a homeowner or a property manager, we think we can all agree a property’s exterior plays an important role in property value.

When it comes to preparing your property’s landscape for Spring, here are some things you should expect from your Edina MN landscaping company.

What to Expect from your Edina MN Landscaping Company in the Spring?

edina mn landscaping company

First Mow

Spring is right around the corner and here in Minnesota we will start to see Rye and Fescue grasses coming out of dormancy first.

These grasses are cool weather grasses and will be ready for their first cut of the season around the middle of March.

Landscapers should start mowing as soon as they see grass growing; however, they should never cut off more than a third of the blade.

The recommended height for Fescue is ideally 3-4 inches.

Mulch/Bed Spring Cleaning

When preparing for Spring, one of the first landscaping tasks is to perform the removal of all weeds and debris in the mulch and garden beds.

Weeds can be extremely harmful and continue to spread killing everything around them if not properly controlled.

Garden variety weeds are also unsightly and make our display beds look bad. Weeds should be removed early while they are still scarce and while the ground is still moist from snow or spring rain.

If the garden beds aren’t cleaned, the weeds and debris will take over the entire garden.

Bed Edging

Once the mulch beds have been properly cleaned for Spring, it’s time to focus on the bed edging.

A good hand trench edge is the preferred method in the garden bed and is used to separate the different landscaped areas.

A lot of times the bed edge will be performed around shrubs, flowers, trees, and/or even patio areas.

This deep defined bed edge creates a clean, crisp look and pulls the eye to different landscaping focal points.

It also helps prevent the lawn grass from creeping into the garden beds in summertime, which can easily go unnoticed resulting in additional work and costs.

Spring Flowers

When it comes to planting spring flowers, timing is everything.

Many people like to start planting spring flowers before Easter; however, this is not always best.

The location and weather are vital factors to be considered prior to planting spring flowers. It’s very important to make sure seedlings are not planted until at least a week after the last frost.

The summer heat comes on strong here in Minnesota and so these varieties will need to adapt quickly.

Landscapers will start creating flower beds using annuals such as Begonias, Sun-patients, Caladium, and Lantana.

Perennial favorites are also a great addition and will include varieties such as lavender, and Black-Eyed Susan’s (Rudbeckia fulgida).

edina mn landscaping company

Pre-Emergent Applications

Pre-emergent applications stop the weed seed at the surface layer.

Pre-emergent applications are herbicides that are applied to garden beds with the intention of killing the weed seed before (pre) it starts to grow (emerge).

It kills the weed seed at the surface layer.

Pre-Emergent applications can have undesirable effects on certain plants, including turf.

Landscapers usually recommend applying the pre-emergent herbicide at least twice per year, once in early spring and then another in June, which will help significantly reduce costly weed infestations throughout the season.

It is recommended to use a landscape company that has certified spray technicians who are certified through the state of Minnesota to apply these chemicals properly.

Ask your landscaper if they have Category 3 certified Spray Technicians.

Irrigation Startup

In order to prevent costly damage to the irrigation system, it’s important to perform a system audit of the irrigation system and all the components every spring.

The landscaping company should test and confirm there isn’t any damage or leaks by performing an irrigation audits such as checking the backflow preventer, valve box, mainlines, and lateral lines for leaks that can be costly if go unnoticed.

The entire irrigation system will be tested including all the components like sprinkler heads, valves, and nozzles to ensure there are no leaks or broken plastic fittings.

Turf Treatment

After wintertime, most properties will have bare patches of dead grass spread across the lawn.

These dead patches can be caused by weather, high traffic, water drainage issues, or disease.

In order to combat disease and promote healthy growth, turf treatments should be applied on a regular basis.

Turf treatments can be used to transform a property adding healthy, abundant green grass.

Your landscaping company should apply turf treatments on a regular basis, but in a controlled and ethical manner in order to consistently improve the turf’s health and protect the environment.

Again, these applications should be done by a Category 3 Certified Spray Technician.

Tree and Shrub Fertilization

Spring is the best time to fertilize shrubs and trees. Most trees and shrubs will start to grow from the elements stored from the previous year.

When adding fertilizer in the springtime, this gives the trees and shrubs an additional boost helping them stay healthy and fight off infections.

It also increases the growth resulting in more vibrant greenery lasting through summer and fall.

Spring Landscape Maintenance: Why Hiring a Pro Makes Sense

Working with a professional landscaping company takes the guesswork out of all of the important spring prep activities like applying pre-emergent applications, fertilization, and seeding.

All of these tasks take a little more skill and know-how than basic mowing.

At Green Grounds Landscaping, we have the expertise and the equipment to make all of this happen the right way at the right time.

Our professional team can help you find the right plants and flowers to add color and life to the property’s landscape as warmer weather sets in.

We know what works and what doesn’t in Minnesota’s unpredictable climate.

Working with the pros gives you more time to focus on other tasks and allows you to sit back and enjoy the beautiful spring colors and landscape.