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A well-manicured lawn adds not only to the appeal but also the usefulness of your property. That’s why lawn renovation in Minnesota have continued to increase in popularity even throughout a pandemic.

A lawn renovation in Minnesota can dramatically maximize a landscape’s potential and sustainability. Many landscape renovation projects include upgrades to patios, outdoor kitchens, and fireplaces. Lawn renovation in Minnesota focus on your grass and how to make it look its best and how to keep it that way.

Have you ever wondered how your landscape could look better? Are you looking for more useable space in your outdoor area? Make your lawn work for you, and then some!

All you need to know about lawn renovation in Minnesota explained:

Sod Installation

To understand the installation of sod, it helps to first learn a little bit about what it is.

Sod Basics

Sod is made up of a few layers and they are all important to its sustainability. Grass, soil, and matted roots all work together to keep each section of sod healthy.

The layer of matted roots allows for quick installation. The soil layer keeps grass healthy. The grass in sod is fully seeded, lush, green, and ready to grow.

Using sod means there is no need to wait for grass seeds to germinate and take root. You can have a beautiful grassy lawn in just a few hours’ time.

Benefits of Sod Installation

Sod installation requires a few steps to prepare your yard. It does cost more than seeding your landscape, but it can provide superior results if cared for properly.

There is no wait required for lush, green grass. Sod installation in Minnesota provides a beautiful lawn without having to wait for grass to grow. Additionally, there aren’t ever any missed spots while seeding or pesky areas that won’t grow in. Sod creates a uniform look.

Sod is also a great way to get the type of grass you want. There are many varieties of grass to choose from. Color, thickness, amount of wear-and-tear, and maintenance should all factor into your decision.

Regardless of grass choice, your sod will be free of weeds and other invasive plants that can damage your lawn.

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Process of Sod Installation

The most important part of installing sod in Minnesota is preparing your yard. To start, your old lifeless grass will need to be removed. A layer of soil will also need to be dug up to ensure that no root systems are left behind.

This process will protect the new sod and gives it the best conditions to grow in.

Once you have a bare landscape down to dirt, take the time to aerate. Laying a fresh layer of topsoil and aerating the area is the best way to help your lawn renovation flourish.

The new topsoil will give your lawn the nutrients and minerals it needs to take root and grow. Aerating will put oxygen back into the ground and allow your grass to breath and be healthy.

When the time to install your sod arrives, you may want to moisten the soil before you begin unrolling. Several layers of your soil should be wet but not muddy.

Work to ensure that the sod is flat to the ground and that there are no wrinkles. Follow the natural line of your landscape to help minimize the need to cut or trim sod after it has been laid.

After laying the sod, avoid any foot traffic on it until it has taken root. Fertilize and water appropriately to encourage root growth. It generally takes about ten days to two weeks for sod to root properly.

Lawn Aeration

Your lawn needs three things to be lush: sunlight, water, and air. You might think you don’t have to worry about the air part of it. But that would be an incorrect assumption. Your lawn needs air to thrive.

Aeration helps to break up the top layer of soil that tends to become very dense from foot traffic. Aerating a lawn is a process by which small holes are put into the ground. These holes allow for air flow, water, and other nutrients to further penetrate the soil.

Aeration is also a great way to help thin out grass in areas where it may be too thick. It can also help stop invasive grass species that have taken root.

An aerator looks somewhat like a large rolling pin with nails or spikes on it. By rolling the aerator along the ground in a grid pattern, the soil becomes less compacted.

Aeration is simple and quick with the right equipment. It’s important for your lawn’s sustainability and longevity.

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Seeding Your Lawn

We all have those pesky little bald patches in our lawn. Sometimes it feels like they are all you can see. That’s why overseeding your lawn, either on a large scale or in just patches, is a necessity.

It can make a big difference in the look and health of your overall landscape.

Ideal Seed Mixtures for Your Turf and Yard

You can buy seed that is either all one type or a blend of many different kinds. When using only one type of grass seed there is a higher risk of it not germinating and leaving a bald spot.

A blended seed will afford you a variety of grass types which will give your lawn more opportunities to grow.

If one type of grass has a difficult time taking root in a sunny area or a damp section of your landscape, there is a good chance another type of grass in the blended mix will work instead. Blended seed will also help you determine which variety of grass grows best in your landscape.

While blended seed may give you a better chance at getting your grass to germinate, seed of a specific variety will provide the exact attributes you desire.

For example, Kentucky Blue Grass is great for high traffic areas because it can repair itself. If certain sections of your yard get a lot of foot traffic, this grass is a good choice.

In this case, choosing Kentucky Blue Grass, and not a blended seed, is the way to go.

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lawn care in minnesota

Minnesota Lawn Care & Landscaping Services | Green Grounds Landscaping


Germination is the process of the seed starting to sprout and grow. Taking into account the time and germination level that is going to work for you is essential.

A freshly seeded lawn can take a few weeks to fully germinate and fill out.

For some, it may seem like the process is not working. In most cases though, germination starts slowly and then suddenly you have a fresh lawn. You should be taking the time to water and properly fertilize to get the best results and to get the lawn that you are hoping for.

To cut down on grow time, some seed mixes are sold with quickly germinating seeds or grass types that are known for very fast growth. There are also seed types that can be purchased already partially germinated.

Don’t forget that just because you can’t see grass doesn’t mean it isn’t there. While waiting for your lawn to germinate and grow remember to water and use a ground cover to protect seedlings from the sun.

Proper Watering Guidelines

For those who want a lush lawn, sprinklers and proper watering are necessary. Unless you live in an area that gets the perfect amount of precipitation you are going to need to water your lawn to keep it green.

There are many different types of sprinklers on the market. From underground systems to portable sprinklers that work with a hose, there is an option within your budget.

The sprinkler option that is best for you depends on what your need for water is and what you hope to achieve. For those who are watering often, an underground sprinkler system is the best option.

Since it is buried under ground, it is hidden and tends to have less problems with wear-and-tear.

For the occasional waterer, a portable system that you place out as needed will do the trick. Taking the time to figure out what is going to work best for you is the best way to get the overall result you want.

For more information about lawn renovation in Minnesota or ways to get your grass looking and feeling its best, contact us.

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